About us


Sustainable Slow Fashion
ISAKSEN is committed to produce innovative collections with little waste. All leftover fabrics are used to create smaller items and designs.
Corporate Social Responsibility is the key element in the ISAKSEN philosophy. ISAKSEN uses natural, earth-friendly materials, and works only with small manufactures that treat employees and the environment with care and respect.
ISAKSEN believes that nobody needs to renew their wardrobe every two weeks. This is why Slow Fashion is an essential element in all our designs. ISAKSEN aims to create fashion that can last season after season, year after year.
High-end quality
ISAKSEN’s long-lasting, high-end quality designs are the result of many years of uncompromising hard work and dedication. This forms a major part of ISAKSEN’s sustainable concept.
“Design, quality and function is a huge part of sustainable Slow Fashion. It´s our greatest responsibility. We need to preserve our beautiful Mother Earth, giving all our children a chance of a better future” – Nickie Isaksen – Designer and Co. owner of ISAKSEN brand
ISAKSEN supplies two collections each year, SS and AW, with 2-4 midseason drop-ins
Known for its effortless elegance and standout silhouettes, ISAKSEN masters the art of clean, contemporary lines in beautiful textures.

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